Protect Lake Michigan

Gillson Park Beach

Loopholes in the Clean Water Act leave the streams and wetlands that feed and filter Lake Michigan open to unchecked pollution and development. The EPA can protect Lake Michigan and close these loopholes, but big polluters are trying to stop the agency from doing its job.

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Subject: Please restore the Clean Water Act to all our waterways
Lake Michigan is an Illinois icon. Millions of Illinoisans spend their summers basking on the lakeshore or swimming in its cool water, and many more rely on its thriving fishing industry for their livelihoods.

Yet despite its beauty, immense popularity and importance to Illinois, Lake Michigan--and the rest of the Great Lakes--continue to be treated like a personal sewer for the region's largest polluters.

To ensure that Lake Michigan is fully protected, we need protections for the waterways that feed into it. We urge you to protect Lake Michigan by restoring Clean Water Act protections to all our waterways.