Tell Senator Kirk to support limits on carbon from power plants

With more torrential downpours, heat waves, and risks to Lake Michigan, scientists are warning us: We need to do more on global warming and we need to act fast.

Even though 97% of climate scientists agree that carbon pollution from human activity is fueling global warming – polluters and their politician allies have been clouding the facts. In fact, state officials in Wisconsin and Florida were actually pressured by politicians to avoid using the term ‘climate change’. Senator Kirk should be doing everything in his power to move us forward. But instead he voted against preventing the censorship of climate science in government agencies.

Protecting our children’s future requires us to stop dumping carbon into our atmosphere and there’s no better place to start than with America’s #1 global warming polluters – power plants. Tell Senator Kirk it’s time to stand up for our health and our kids’ future and support carbon limits on power plants.

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